Premier Digital for Premier Retail

Santana Row is a premium destination in the heart of Silicon Valley. Even several years after its opening, research showed shoppers considered the property a great place to eat but too expensive to shop, even though there are great finds as low as one dollar.

To counter this image and reposition the brand, we built a digital ecosystem that engaged all types of shoppers on a variety of devices.


We redesigned the website from the ground up to be responsive, modern, and filled with everything guests would want to know about “The Row.” Behind the scenes, we deployed a powerful but easy-to-use content management system, empowering the marketing department to create and publish great content instantly.



We also designed and developed an award-winning mobile app featuring daily deals and special digital discounts at leading retailers throughout the property.

In addition, we created a permanent way-finding digital kiosk that helped shoppers understand what the property offered and how to get it quickly.  


Finally, we implemented the Santana Row Rewards Program. Designed to engage and incentivize shoppers of all types, it grew to more than 2,000 participants in 24 months.

Today, with the support of a digitally enabled ecosystem, this premier retail and dining destination boasts nearly 30,000 visitors each day.